Why was this group formed?
WFF-DC Metro was formed to help people find walking partners who have similar walking interests and preferences.

Why do I want a walking partner?
• It increases your odds of staying committed to your walking program.
• It gives you someone to motivate you
• Time passes by faster when you have company while you’re exercising
• It gives you the opportunity to socialize and make new friends

How does WFF-DC Metro help me find a walking partner?
The website is a large database. It allows you to find walking partners by showing you member profiles that have similar walking preferences. All you have to do is:
• Type your zip code or the name of your city in the search field. If you do not get any results. Browse the member list to see who lives near your area.
•Click on a member’s photo & read their profile. If their answers are similar to what you are looking for, email them!
•Don’t limit yourself to one partner. Make several walking partners!

What do I have to do to join?
Membership is free! All you have to do is complete your profile.
1. Be sure to answer all questions pertaining to your walking peferences. This allows you to find walkers with similar interests.
2. Fill in the zip-code field. This helps people identify other people who are in their area.
3. Post a picture. It increases your chances of being selected as a walking partner.

What geographical areas does this group cover?
• Washington D.C.
• Northern Virginia
• Central Maryland
• See http://wffbaltimore.groupsite.com/main/summary to find walking partners in the Baltimore area.

Why can’t I find anyone in my area?
The only way you can benefit from WFF-DC Metro, is by having many members to choose from. You can increase your choices by spreading the word! Our goal is to have 500 members for the DC Metro area by December 15. Tell your co-workers, tell a friend whose looking to lose weight, invite anyone you know who could benefit from this program.




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